“Painting Is Light!” – Caravaggio

“Painting is Light!” – Caravaggio

Every artist knows the importance of light.  Only a small handful have become its master. His given name was Michelangelo Merisi, but because Italy already had a famous Michelangelo, Merisi’s hometown became his signature -- Caravaggio.  As a rebellious, violent…

The Secret Of Rembrandt

The Secret of Rembrandt

       Of all masters of light, none puzzles like Rembrandt.  That light, that golden, shimmering light -- surely there were tricks behind it. No eyes could be so sensitive, no brush so skilled as to create such a living illusion.…

The Woodstock Of Light

The Woodstock of Light

      Despite our laser-lit age, despite our daily use of light to read, cut, measure, scan, clean, carve, and more, light retains its wonder.  Evidence of light's enduring power will surface tonight on a sweeping plain near London.  There crowds…

Bright Is The Noble Edifice

Bright is the Noble Edifice

Along with the summer solstice, June brings the birthday of Gothic Light. Though it now shines throughout Northern Europe, Gothic radiance first beamed into a single cathedral on the edge of Paris.  On a single June morning.  In the year…

Particle, Wave, And Wonder

Particle, Wave, and Wonder

This month marks the birthday – May 10 -- of a little-known French genius who gave us an understanding of light that still informs how we see and recreate it.  "Nature does not dread difficulties of analysis” – Augustin-Jean Fresnel…

The Sun Is Googled

The Sun is Googled

       The purest patches of light are not seen in the sky but in a handful of quiet rooms in a museum on the banks of the Thames in greying old London.  I saw this light once and it burns…

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