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Post Your Light Photos

Post Your Light Photos

Share your favorite photos of light. Let it shine!

Before posting a photo, you must first enter a comment telling the story behind your picture.  Click POST COMMENT, then click the “choose file” button to upload your image.

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  1. I took this to show two abandoned and decaying wind pumps (out of tens of thousands!) on the Lassithi Plateau in Crete, but I also like the metallic quality of the afternoon light on the damp road. Optics bonus points for the lens flare at lower left?

  2. Rome: The Pantheon: the ray of light that moves around the interior over time.
    Of all my photos, this shows LIGHT, not something illuminated by light.
    Cheers to a terrific book, Bruce Watson.

  3. I was having a summer meal outdoors at a roadside BBQ venue in Easthampton Massachusetts when this formidable storm began to display itself. I took a number of photographs of the clouds which reminded me of illustrations from Dore’s Bible. This shot shows a moment, not long before the onset of the rain, which was so punctuated by the light.

  4. I took this sunset photo from Sunset Ave in Amherst MA – the colors filled my heart – made me grateful to see the colors changing and the calming effect of this gorgeous light.

  5. Taken in the Pantheon in Rome where the light coming in the opening in the roof is the only light in the space.
    The ray of light moves around the round space over the day, making the time and the space.
    So many photos show what light illuminates or casts inshadow. I was trying to select a photo that had essential light so chose this one.

  6. From Valle de la Luna in San Pedro, Chile….we made it to the top of the peak just as the sun was going down….Can’t wait to read your book!

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